The museum residence ‘Artкommunalka. Erofeev and Others’ and Kolomna Posad announced the results of the 11th Open International Grant Competition for Artists and Writers for the Realization of Creative Projects in the Visual Arts and Literature in 2024–2025.

168 applications from 11 countries and 40 Russian regions have been received for the competition this year. The winners were determined by the Expert Council decision, they were 8 artists and writers from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kirov, Saransk, Abakan and Tehran (Iran). They will receive a grant for their project implementation and the right to stay and create at the residential studio.

The competition was held in three nominations.

The winners in the nomination
Contemporary visual arts”:

  • Zhudro Lidia, Moscow, “Invisible/Hidden” in the City”
  • Kordiuchenko Lina, Saint-Petersburg, “Disappeared”
  • Baldina Kseniya, Saint-Petersburg, “COMMUNICATIONS/CONNECTIONS”
  • Nogovitsina Elisabeth, Kirov, “The City of K.”

The winner in the nomination “
Silk and Weaving”:

  • Mahboubeh YazdanPanah, Iran, Tehran, «Woven Rain: A Liquid Loom’s Song»

The winners in the nomination

  • Komadei Ruslan, Moscow, “Kolomna Meteorology, or Wet Letters”
  • Makarova Valeria, Republic of Mordovia, Saransk, “What’s the Matter with Your Rain?/And How is Your Rain”
  • Veryasova Daria, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Abakan, “The Name of the Rain»


“And How is Your Rain?” — that was the competition creative theme for the 2024–2025 art season.

rain is the leg on which a thundercloud stands… When it rains, and especially when it pours, something ancient awakens in a person: necessity is abolished, idleness is enforced, and creativity begins. A person starts to recollect or dream, looking at the elements from their shelter—be it a cave or a house. In the rain, and especially in a downpour, everything required for creativity is there: rhythms, pauses, breathing, thunder, and silence. Memories are dreams about the past. Dreams are memories of the future”.

«The rhythmic patter of raindrops echoes myths of creation and renewal across cultures. This residency will be my exploration of this captivating connection, weaving together rain’s whispers and vibrant myths into pieces that sing stories of life and transformation”. — that’s how Mahboubeh YazdanPanah, Iran, Tehran, feels.

As if maintaining the dialogue started, Zhudro Lidia, Moscow, replies: “By learning from rain, I will identify the implicit and the unobvious. The project will become a peculiar kind of «indicator», a tool for fixing hardly perceptible ideas, experiences, spiritual orders and processes.

Rain for me is a time of remembrance, a reminder of love that never ends, never stops. And in this project, I want to take a journey through time: I want to create a series of ritual events based on my family’s life and to give space to the life stories and events of the people of Kolomna”, -Baldina Kseniya, Saint-Petersburg, develops the topic.

We look forward to the project’s realization of the proposed theme through the residency in Kolomna and congratulate the winners!


More information about the winner’s projects:


The Open International Grant Competition of Creative Projects in the Visual Arts and Literature was established by the museum residence ‘Artкommunalka. Erofeev and Others’ and Kolomna Posad. The museum residence supports the boldest and most radical creative projects in keeping with the spirit and objectives of developing modern art and literature. Attention to the artistic interpretation of Kolomna’s modern life and heritage is welcome.

Artkommunalka. Erofeev and Others is the first museum residence with a grant program in Russia. It was founded in 2011 in Kolomna, Moscow Region. The art residence and literature residence are an open laboratory and workshop all year round: each year artists and writers from Russia and abroad work here.

We thank all the authors – artists and writers for participating!